Since establishing her firm in 2011, Gittie Perl has been creating interior design solutions for residential dwellings in the Jerusalem area. She is described as both sophisticated and down to earth and easy to work with among clients and design professionals alike. Particularly, her maximum commitment to each project and her unwillingness to compromise for anything less than perfection, has made her the go-to designer in Jerusalem.

Her design philosophy stresses a holistic approach, a complete integration of all elements to be sure they coexist and interact in an organic manner. The end result are rich living environments defined by cohesive compositions, beautiful textures, and refined materials.

Gittie strives to help each individual client achieve their vision and reflect their personal taste

Gittie strives to help each individual client achieve their vision and reflect their personal taste, by creating original designs that integrate the clients’ wants and are functional to their needs. The process is tailor suited to each client from the concept phase until final completion, with special attention to every detail until the vision is realized. Her expertise extends beyond design to overseeing the entire process for her clients from overseas, taking care to manage their project in their absence. The scope of her work includes space planning, detailed drawings, kitchen layouts, electrical and lighting plans, and designing custom furniture and closets and window treatments. Her collaborative team of contractors, carpenters, craftsmen, kitchen specialists, lighting and landscape designers and custom furniture suppliers are held to her meticulous eye to help achieve the perfect results.

Born and raised in New York, educated with a BA in Mathematics and a Master’s Degree in Jewish Studies, after living in Israel for 20 years Gittie Perl discovered her passion for design and went back to school to study interior architecture. She travels extensively to Europe and US, drawing inspiration from the beautiful cities of the world. But her greatest passion is for Jerusalem, the ancient city infused with history and character, and its neighboring cities, and is thrilled to help her clients from around the world fulfill their dream of a beautiful home in Israel.